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Shattered Hearts

Releasing Fall 2018

Shattered Hearts, Fate of the Witch Book 0.5

Raven Moon



Rainelle Sterling’s 18th birthday is quickly approaching. Keeping true to her heritage, her mother hands her a handmade leather-bound Journal, an O’Brien family tradition dating back to the 1600’s.

Breaking free from her family, she moved to Nashville. She thought she had everything, new friends, her dream job and a new love, but fate throws her curve balls putting her life in danger. Now she is learning the real cost of

betrayal and pain as she smiles through tears plastering on a fake smile.

She is surviving to live or just living to survive?


Excerpt for Shattered Hearts


I approached a small bridge stopping for a breather bending over to ease the sharpness in my side when twigs broke against the hard ground behind me. Slowly I eased to a standing position, maneuvering my gun from my ankle holster as I rose. I jerked around taking a stance ready to fire when a gruff voice yelled my name. My mouth agape, I stared into Smokey eyes standing before me. Reed swiftly stood next to me taking the gun out of my hands, my body froze in disbelief.

Without warning, Lucian Constantine Black swept me off my feet suspending me in the air. My heart hammered in my chest. I haven’t seen him in years and never thought I’d see him again. My heart raced, stealing my breaths just like that summer I felt his love. He lowered me to my feet. Reed caught me as I stumbled backward. We made nice for a few moments, but I could tell Reed was not happy seeing the guy that stole my heart and virginity when I was fifteen. Even though three years have passed, it seems a lifetime.

My stomach flipped, and my core ached. I thought back to that summer. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. I did the only thing I knew and lowered my face-averting his gaze. But when he lifted my chin to meet his eyes and place a stray piece of my hair behind my ear, telling me I was beautiful and his little Faelan embracing me in his strong arms taking my mouth into his, my heart melted. And in Reed fashion, he broke the connection by clearing his throat and demanding that we leave. I always knew Reed had an issue with Lucian because of what happened, but time has passed and I’m an adult now, so he needs to lay off.

After Reed made an ass of himself, Lucian stormed off. I ran after him, like so many years ago. My breath caught in my throat when he turned facing me with Amber eyes. I stood frozen staring. He blew a kiss and disappeared into the woods makes me think of the first night I saw him with those golden eyes. I always thought it was an optical illusion played off the sun, but it is cloudy today, so what in the hell did I witness?

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