Coming soon from the Forsaken Series: Fallen.

After the brutal murder of his lover, Demon Rai Brethor turned from the immortal world. He’s spent centuries alone, plotting revenge against the one responsible for his pain while avoiding his brethren.

Jensen Bennett is investigating a series of ritualistic murders on the beaches of Vancouver. British Columbia. He discovers a suspect, a tall, swarthy man who lives in the mansion overlooking the drop sites. A man of secrets and shadows, Jensen presses for an answer as to what he knows.

War is on the horizon and when Amuliana draws Jensen into the fray, she stirs the embers of an old hate. Rai will step onto the battlefield…if only to have his chance to take the goddess’s head and reclaim the man who holds his heart.


Coming spring/summer of 2018 with book thirteen “Burning Rain” coming tentatively 2019.

January 12, 2018