Brody’s Hope

Now Available from Siren Publishing Contemporary m/m erotic romance

Vet Brody Berkfeld is a man on the edge. His business partner has absconded with the profits of their once thriving practice. Despite being cleared of any wrong doing, the damage is done. Fleeing the past, Brody makes a change for what he hopes is the better. His new future should begin when he purchases a farm in BC. Only tragedy isn’t finished with Brody, and after a devastating car accident, his whole life seems to be falling into shambles.

Jackson Holiday has spent most of his life living under his own rules. The middle of five children, he’s always looked out for his younger sisters. After hearing his youngest sister was run off the road by a drunk driver, he rushed to her side only to find the truth a bitter pill to swallow. When he meets the man who saved his sister after an accident, he can’t shake the attraction or the throb of awareness running through his blood.

Brody isn’t the type of guy Jackson goes for, there’s too much of a wildness about him. However, this time resistance is futile as they’re forced to spend time together, and Jackson comes to understand a little wild can be a good thing in the hands of the right kind of man.