Join us and the Forsaken Realms as we celebrate.

The Forsaken Series has been a long, exciting journey, which is far from over. I’ve been working diligently with Ciara to get more of the books ready for our beloved readers, and we’ve had three releases this year with more in the works for the next while. Exploring worlds of mythological beings, creating realms, worlds, cultures, is a huge part of what makes this series so intricate and so much fun.

I’ve got the next three books plotted out, so Books, 13 – which is 2/3 written, Books 15 and 17 are plotted and I’ve begun to work on some ideas/notes for book 19! Familiar characters will make appearances, friends and foes will face challenges, and throughout it all, love will guide the just to their future and save lives.

As well, the series continues to grow and expand. We’ve already begun the process of getting the books adapted into screenplays and have after months, years, of hard work, dedication…and an amazing agent secured an options agreement with a production company to see Book One Forsaken Heart made into a feature length film. While we don’t have an exact time line – its safe to say production should hopefully start within the next couple of years! Stay tuned for further details.