Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What was the inspiration to writing The Forsaken Series

The Forsaken Series was inspired by a love of mythology and an idea of using mythology as the way to build and create unique settings and creatures while making them believable. It was only after Ciara and I had started working on the series that we expanded on the original idea of making stories about magical beings with a twist.

Are there more books in the mix?

Yes, currently Fallen: Book Nine is with our amazing publisher, Beachwalk Press, and Books Ten and Eleven are in the first draft phase of creation. As well we're hoping to launch the Guide to the Forsaken Realms Winter 2017 or early spring 2018.

Do you ever do book readings/signings?

Of course! We use those events as a way to connect with our fans. Currently we're looking at doing a few in 2018.

What's next?

Ciara and I are currently developing our screenplays for the books with the hopes of getting the series made into a mini-series or movie. We've sent in the first two books and screenplays to a producer and are eagerly (read: Impatiently) awaiting word back from her. Very exciting stuff and its been a huge learning experience for us.


Do you have any books other than the Forsaken you're working on?

Yes, I have a paranormal thriller I'm currently working on. As well as another m/m book. My notebook I carry for ideas is filling up fast with ideas for other books as well.